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Site Improvement Plan

Patriot Parents/Guardians-

The staff of Pequot Lakes Middle School is excited to take part in the journey that is all things “middle level”.  The developmental stage that is the transition between Eagle View and the High School is one that is filled with a daunting amount of change.  Surprising physical development, unexplainable mood swings, interest in independence, new friends and the loss of old ones, exciting activity options, school dances, enhanced academic rigor, discussions of the future, career path exploration, nagging parents/guardians… (you get the point.)  Regardless of the difficulty of the journey, it is one that we must take.  Our children are our highest priority; our role in their development is our covenant.

As we embark on this journey together we should focus on several themes:

“It takes a whole village to raise a child”… Household partnership is a top priority for Pequot Lakes Middle School.  This proverb reminds us of the many elements that influence student success.  Among the range of positive and impactful aspects of a child’s upbringing, research shows that parents/guardians and teachers are atop the list.  Parent/Guardian involvement and teacher-student relationships serve as a strong determiner of student achievement.  We cannot ask our students to navigate their adolescence alone, it is the role of the adults in their life to help nurture and guide them in the right direction.  In teaming our efforts between school and home we can collaborate for the betterment of all of our students.  We should embrace this exciting opportunity together and challenge our students to do their best each and every day.

Every moment is precious… A core belief that is shared at PLMS.  Each minute of every class period is an opportunity to engage and inspire students in a rigorous and enriched environment.  Bell-to-bell engagement is at the foundation of our efforts at PLMS.  It is our hope that this experience extends beyond the walls of PLMS to our students’ home lives as well.  Our students are our greatest investment.    

Values… Our school is anchored in three simple statements.  “Respect”, “Responsibility” and “Integrity” serve as the pillars that support our character education efforts at PLMS.  As we look to sculpt our future citizens it is vital that this mindset extend beyond the walls of school and impact their decision making out in the community.

In closing I would like to remind all who read this that the reward of this journey called “parenting/guardianship” and “teaching and learning” far outweigh the challenges.  There are no greater callings than that of “parent”, “guardian” or “teacher”.  Embrace every opportunity, instill value in every action and lets work together to make this the best experience for our students.

Go Patriots-

Mike O’Neil

Pequot Lakes Middle School Principal



A:   Personalized, Rigorous and Relevant Learning Experience for Each Student

A:  Reflective Teaching Practice to Provide a Rigorous, Relevant and Personalized Learning Experience

Action Plan Goals:   By the end of the 2017-18 school year 100% of curricular areas and teams will be actively focusing on Student Evidence of Understanding and Teacher Reflection to ensure all students are being challenged at their ability level.  

Action Plan Details:

During the 2017-18 School Year content area collaborative teams will focus on quality formative and summative assessments.  


  • Continued efforts in formative and summative assessment writing

    • End of Quarter Assessments

    • Embedded assessments to inform instruction

  • Grading Practices

    • Focusing on “Product” not “Process”

  • Weekly PLC meetings

    • Wed AM’s

    • 3 meetings/month

    • Group “norms” established to create a safe and collaborative culture

  • Continued building-wide focus on:

    • Domain 3: Reflecting on Teaching (Marzano)

      • Elements 50-52

    • Focussing on:  (What do we want our students to know?  How will we assess if students know the material?   What steps do we take if students do not demonstrate proficiency?  What enriched opportunities can we provide students who have demonstrated proficiency?).

  • Continued use of the  visual guide for the formative cycle process

    • Posted in Classrooms

  • Gifted and Talented enrichment discussions by content areas and through Interventionist support.

  • Purposeful PD focus on assessment

    • Quality in questioning

  • Exposure to test analytic software

    • Scantron

    • Others



Specific to all content areas


Data-driven classroom instruction


A continuation of a building focus


Tied to Marzano’s Frameworks and 4 Corollary Questions

Time Bound:

Weekly and Quarterly checkpoints

Moving Forward: Adding summative assessments to the DCL to create an environment in which these assessments will be used annually to gauge effectiveness of instruction.

B:  Effective Operations, Continuous Improvement Systems, Professional Development

B:  Building Focus on a Safe and Collaborative School Culture (High Reliability Schools Level 1)

Action Plan Goals:   By the end of the 2017-18 school year PLMS will have made measurable change in High Reliability Schools (HRS) Level 1 criteria as indicated by continued HRS surveying.

Action Plan Details:

During the 2017-18 school year PLMS will focus on the structures necessary to create a safe and collaborative culture.  


  • Purposeful implementation of baseline HRS Level 1 improvements

  • Continued staff surveying (formally and informally)

  • Effectively planning and preparing for the path of implementing the Parent and Student surveys 5-8 and K-12



Working to create a safe and collaborative culture.


Results-based from HRS Level 1 data


Realistic timelines


A teacher’s work environment is the student’s learning environment

Time Bound:

Within the school year

Moving Forward:

Recognizing the importance of improving within HRS Level 1 before HRS Level 2.

C:  Communications and Partnerships

C1: Communication Between School and Home

Action Plan Goals:   To effectively and efficiently communicate regarding the various aspects of a student’s experience at PLMS

  • Academics

  • Attendance

  • Behavior

  • Etc.

Action Plan Details:

During the 2017-18 School Year Middle Level teams will be focused on effective and efficient communication with their households.


  • Implementation of Levels of Behavior Document

  • Implementation of Behavior Sequence Poster

  • Use of Skyward for teacher based behavior intervention tracking

  • Weekly usage of a planner tool (Weebly or Google Doc tool)


Greater consistency (building wide) will be attained by the end of the school year.

Quarterly “Pep-fests” in alignment with our school mission.


Targeting improved communication with households


Analysis of parent/guardian feedback in HRS Level 1


In alignment with HRS Level 1


Impacts all students

Time Bound:

End of the year goal

Moving Forward:

During the 2017-18 school year we will continue to analyze the effectiveness of our these tools.

C2: Patriot Time Interventions as a Support System for Student Needs

Action Plan Goals:   

To effectively use the Patriot Time segment of a student’s day to support interventions for all students.  

Action Plan Details:

During the 2017-18 school year PLMS will take a critical look at the effective use of Patriot Time and standardize all grade levels.


  • Standardizing Patriot Time Grades 5-8

  • Grade:

    • 5th (Play 60)

    • 6th (IXL)

    • 7th (Reach Program)

    • 8th (Ramp Up)

  • Increasing the flexible usage of Patriot Time

    • Example of a Weekly Schedule:

      • Monday: Channel One- Ramp-Up/Homework

      • Tuesday: Intervention Groups

      • Wednesday: Homework/Independent Reading

      • Thursday: Intervention Groups

      • Friday: Teacher Choice/Activities

    • Students able to meet their academic needs through flexible access to their teachers on Intervention Days

  • Quarterly Grouping of Students Based on RTI protocol

    • Students of need identified at ML Team Meetings

    • Low performers and Partially Meets

      • grouped to their content area teachers

    • Enrichment


Discussion and Reflection at Semester.


Standardizing effective interventions for students.


Analysis of achievement data


Using a model that has been proven successful by one of our Middle Level teams


Impacts all students

Time Bound:

End of the year goal

Moving Forward:

During the 2017-18 school year we will continue to analyze the effectiveness of our Patriot Time